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There is high demand for an EFFECTIVE waste management tool

"The introduction of a fully electronic waste transport certificate system will enable EPA to better track the movement of waste by providing improved quality data, helping us to detect potential risks and intervene earlier," EPA chief executive Cathy Wilkinson said in a statement.


Smart Technology

See waste and hazardous substance movements unfold in real time with GPS tracking and automated notifications

Effective Planning

Real-time scheduling for collection and delivery of any load type

Immediate Response

Transporters and Receivers/End-users receive automated notifications making LoadHawk an effective scheduling tool


Liquid waste generators use LoadHawk to monitor and reduce waste volumes. Using the app meet servicing requirements saving time and compliance costs


Illegal dumping is avoided and treatment facilities are better protected from high risk dischargers making LoadHawk the #1 compliance monitoring tool for liquid waste


Users have access to dashboard reporting to allow real time load tracking, auditing and analysis of data.

How It Works

Save time and money by arranging and tracking all waste collections using the LoadHawk mobile solution. Create jobs where tracking automatically starts and stops when your selected transporter arrives onsite and leaves. Even set reminders for regular waste collections. Audit costs are reduced by using LoadHawk to demonstrate compliance with relevant consents and regulations

Receive real time requests to collect waste and other load types direct from the waste generators location. Increase productivity by using LoadHawk to schedule collections to reduce travel time. Automatically book and schedule deliveries for each load using LoadHawk, no more timely emails or phone calls, increasing trust and productivity.

Forward planning - All waste loads requested to be delivered to a Receivers facility are automatically requested in advance for consideration and approval. The Receiver can use LoadHawk to monitor waste movements and approved loads using GPS tracking and dashboard reporting. All information is stored to meet high-level auditing and invoicing needs.

Other uses

Although initially developed to manage the risks associated with liquid waste management, LoadHawk is proving as a successful solution in the following uses:
Tracking of hazardous substance as required by the NZ Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017
Simple integration for industries and regulator for controlled waste tracking in Australian states requiring waste tracking certificates
Solid waste generation and tracking to minimise volumes and disposal costs
Bulk chemical ordering and delivery tracking and planning
Critical asset tracking - from the manufacturers workshop, during transit, through to delivery, the LoadHawk app has been used to track even your most precious cargo to ensure it is on-track for fast delivery

Liquid Waste Collection

The authority currently uses a mix of electronic and paper waste transport certificates, with paper ones accounting for 100,000 certificates a year, and those will now be phased out

There seems to be a growing trend with different types of waste ending up in the worst possible places. Knowing where our waste comes from, and what is in it opens up new opportunities to ensure we are environmentally responsible and compliant in the smartest possible way. LoadHawk is the #1 smart solution to reduce compliance risk and also speed up business processes around waste management.

Adam Donaldson


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